J-210™ HOT TUB


The round J-210™ model boasts a powerful rotational jet, whirlpool jet and foot mound jets for a full-body hydromassage. With room for up to five adults, this portable hot tub features a compact profile, so you can conveniently place it indoors or outdoors.








ø 198CM X 91CM



(Not including coverlifter, steps, delivery or installation. Ask in store for more details)


Platinum & Driftwood




With this being the only round tub we offer, customers love this model when they are looking for this specific shape through preference or space in their garden.











2,529 lbs. / 1,147 kg


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Services FAQ

How are eyelash extensions applied?

Premium synthetic lash extensions are applied individually, one by one, away from the eyelid & never directly on the skin, to each of your natural eyelashes using a formaldehyde-free adhesive. Extensions come in different lengths, colors, thicknesses, and curls. Results can vary from dainty natural blinks (classics) to dramatic va-va-voom peepers (mega volume).

How long does the procedure take?

The procedure can take anywhere from 90 minutes to 180 minutes depending on the service chosen.

I recently had a lash lift/ lash perm done, can i still get eyelash extensions?

No, eyelash extensions eyelash extensions can only be applied three months after your natural eyelashes have been permed.

Will eyelash extensions make my eyelashes fall off?

No, eyelash extension will not cause the lashes to fall off prematurely if it’s professionally done. But since lashes have their own lash growth cycle as well, its normal if your lashes drop during the shedding period. We are expected to drop 3-5 natural lashes daily.

Why have some eyelash extensions fallen out just a few days after they were done?

Eyelashes are just like hair. They have lash growth cycle too and each of your individual natural lashes is expected to fall out within a month. Your lashes will fall out naturally. We should expect to drop up to 5 natural lashes everyday.

Why do I need to get a lash extension refill?

On average, each eye sheds an about 1-5 natural lashes per day as part of one's lash cycle of regrowth and regeneration:
- Week 1 -21 lashes - Week 2 - 42 lashes - Week 3 - 62 Lashes
The reason you hardly notice your lash shedding prior to extensions, is due to the fact that natural lashes are shorter and generally lighter in color in comparison to extensions. It is natural for someone to worry when she sees several of her extensions falling periodically.

However, now with a better understanding of your lash cycle, you will understand that this is simply a natural process.

When do I have to get them refilled?

Clients are advised to come in for refills within 2-3 weeks from initial lash appointment. Refills can only be done once after full set is completed, this is for hygiene reasons and to prevent any possible infection around your lash line area. Lash sets exceeding 3 weeks will be considered a new set instead of a refill.

Do I need to make an appointment?

Yes, our appointments are strictly by appointment only. Please schedule an appointment with us and honor your appointment time to avoid long waits and to ensure quality lash application.

What do I need to do before my appointment?

Please come to your lash appointment with no mascara and preferably no makeup. Also when removing makeup around the eyes, use a mild water-based cleanser. Do not use oil-based removers, moisturizers and sunscreen on your eyelashes. Lashes must be clean for the adhesive to bond properly and longer lasting.

My eyelash extensions were done at another salon and I am due for a refill.

Unfortunately LashfoxSG does not do refills on someone else's work. If you're due for a refill and would like to see me still, we will have to completely remove your remaining lashes and do a full set for you. This is the reason that every lash artist is different & uses different products, as well as ensuring we deliver the best service and result for your lashes.

How long do eyelash extensions last?

The longevity of your eyelash extensions is dependent on your living lifestyle and after care. If you regularly swim, visit the spa or saunas, then these are factors at play in your eyelash extensions lasting for a short period of time compared to the usual duration which can vary between 2 - 3 weeks or a little more. If you clean your eyes and eyelashes daily, as well brushing them and keeping them tidy, these will help extensions last longer. Some medications such as thyroid medications can change the environment of your lashes, making natural lashes oilier, dryer, or more brittle. If you are taking this medication, your lashes may respond differently. If you take vitamins that encourage or stimulate hair growth, your lashes may shed faster. There also may be other medications that change your body’s chemistry and make lash extensions retention poor.

How do I take care of my extensions?

A copy of LashfoxSG’s Aftercare Tips will be sent in pdf format after your lash session detailing steps on how to better care for your extensions.

Can I still wear makeup/mascara?

We do not recommend wearing mascara since it is very difficult, not to mention time consuming, to remove from the extensions without pulling at your natural eyelashes. Please use oil-free cosmetics when removing makeup close to the eye area while you still have eyelash extensions on.

Can I use an eyelash curler to curl my lash extensions?

No, it is unnecessary, and not to mention damaging as an eyelash curler will break the bond on your extensions as well as natural eyelashes. If you want a curlier look you may speak to us about changing the curl level during your next new set.

How do i prepare for my appointment?

Keep it clean!
Be sure to arrive with no makeup or lotions anywhere around the eye area. No mascara, no eyeliner, not even foundation around the eyes. The area surrounding and on the eyes
must be completely clean. If your stylist has to spend time removing cosmetics be prepared to spend more time there or receive less lashes during your application.
Fill your tummy!
As all eyes and different styles of extensions are different, the application time can take 2 - 3 hours.
Skip the java!
If caffeine makes you jittery, it can make your eyes twitch. This makes the intricate application of eyelash extensions more difficult and thus more time consuming for us.
Take care of business!
If you need a sip of water, have to visit the washroom or send off a last-minute communication, get it done before your appointment time. If we are booked after you, delays at the start of your appointment will probably mean you receive less lashes during your application.
Escape the outside world!
Turn off your cell phone before your appointment. Phone calls and text messages can ruin your relaxation vibe and add time to your visit (or lessen your lash count).
Stay toasty!
Wear clothes that will keep you warm as the temperature in my room gets cold, or bring a clean blanket as per the new Covid-19 regulations, we are unable to provide a blanket.

What is the length and thickness of the extensions that are used?

Our lash extensions range from 7mm to 15mm in length. Thickness of lash extensions range from 0.03mm to 0.2mm, depending on your choice of service.

How do I remove eyelash extensions?

Please do not attempt to remove the lash extensions yourself .It is best to schedule an appointment to have them professionally removed by us, with a special removing solvent and removal techniques.

What kind of payment terms do you have?

We accept cash, PayNow/PayLah only.

If I choose to have my lashes removed for any reason, will I be issued a refund?

I take pride of my work and strive to provide the best experience possible, however, due to the resources and cost incurred in time and materials I do not offer refunds. I strongly recommend that you take time to look at photos of my work, ask questions and be entirely sure this is a service that you would like to have before you invest in the service.

In the event of an allergic reaction, what should I do and will I be issued a refund?

If you experience the rare occurrence of an allergic reaction even after turning down a patch test, I advise you to call me immediately and we will have to book you in to have immediate removal. An allergic reaction to eyelash extensions is accompanied by visible swelling of the eye. Please keep in mind that an allergic reaction can be an unforeseen event that I am unable to predict, therefore a refund will not be issued.

General Policies

LashfoxSG Housecall T&C

Does your building have a lift landing on every level? (**Important: We cannot and will not climb multiple stories lugging a bed frame, luggage and lash bag) Let us know if you live in a controlled access building so we can plan out logistics upon arrival. MUST HAVE FUNCTIONING AIR CONDITIONING. (Temperature & humidity affects how eyelash adhesives works & if we are ujnable to control the temp/humidity in the room even with portable dehumidifier/ humidifier on hand, LashfoxSG reserves the right to reschedule you to have your lashes done at the salon Please have someone look after your child/toddler while you are in session. We cannot stress how dangerous it is to have them jumping on you/running around you while we work with tweezers inches away from your eyes. Same rule applies to partners/ husbands/ boyfriends. Please respect our working space. Furkids- We too are crazy about them but please ensure they are occupied too for your own safety. NO FREE TOUCHUP/ REFUND Please keep all valuables our of sight or locked away before our arrival. LashfoxSG will not be held liable for any losses.

Non Refundable Deposits

All services are required a non refundable deposit ($10 for salon, 50% of total service inclusive of surcharge for housecalls) upon booking your appointments (via paynow). Failing to attend to your appointment without notice will result in a loss of your deposit. Remaining balance will be paid at end of session via Nets/Paynow/Cash. Appointments can be booked via instagram DM.

Rescheduling Policy

At LashfoxSG we understand that life happens and appointments need to be rescheduled from time to time, but we kindly ask that you provide at least 24 hour notice so we can offer your appointment to another client. Please be advised that LashfoxSG reserves the right to cancel any vouchers if an appointment is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice. Every effort will be made to re-book you (if given more than 24 hours notice) however there is no guarantee that an appointment will be available at any specific time or date. Thank you for caring and we appreciate it greatly!

No Show Policy

Clients, please be advised if you are a NO SHOW to your appointment, you will be blacklisted and required to pay the full amount of the service BEFORE your appointment if you wish to book in the future.

Covid-19 Safety Measures

LashfoxSG Covid-19 Safety Measures

Please be advised that businesses have the right to refuse service and must insist that anyone with these symptoms below leaves the premises: - Acute respiratory disease - Cough - Sore throat - Shortness of breath - Fever or history of fever Record Keeping via online Consent Forms By booking an appointment with LashfoxSG, you are consenting to give your personal contact information for us to disclose these details if requested by Government officials in regard to stopping the spread of Covid-19. Your records are used only for the purposes of tracing COVID-19 infections and are captured and stored confidentially and securely. Hygiene and cleaning Non contact greeting methods will be in placed (no hugs, handshakes, sorry). Areas and surfaces where clients are exposed will be cleaned and sanitized/disinfected by myself with disinfectant prior to your appointment. This includes tools and equipment. Disposable bed covers will be used. Alcohol based hand sanitizer is available upon arrival. A designated area will be available to place your shoes & belongings. I will have to refrain offering communal refreshments. Please bring your own refreshment.

* Pump input or brake horsepower (bhp) is the actual horsepower delivered to the pump shaft. Source: ITTT Goulds Pumps, Centrifugal Pump Fundamentals.


NOTE: All dimensions are approximate. Spa Volume is based on average fill. Specifications are subject to change without notice





Whether it's staying active, defying stress, or combating pain, your Jacuzzi® hot tub can help you be your best self.

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"Five star service!
Matt and Val did a fantastic job relocating our hot tub through a very tight space into our new garden. Highly recommend, thank you :)"


"Bought my hot tub Tuscan wellis from Matt could not be more helpful to setting it up to any other problems . The hot tub is absolutely brilliant and all the family enjoy it . Thanks Matt"






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